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Are you ready to take control of your nutrition, transform your body, and achieve your health and fitness goals? Hey! Have we met? My name is Haley. I offer a comprehensive, personalized nutrition coaching program that empowers you to make lasting changes to your diet and lifestyle. I am basically your own personal coach. Literally here to help you on your fitness journey with whatever you need.

By joining Hales Fit, there are no commitments or contracts to tie you down. You decide how long you want to continue your coaching journey, and my convenient monthly auto-pay system ensures uninterrupted access to my nutrition coaching services.

What I Offer:

1-on-1 Nutrition Coaching

Macronutrient Mastery

Customized Macros

Weekly Check-Ins & Accountability

Accessible Support

Community Engagement

Progress Tracking App

Workout Program Option

Nutrition Tips, Tricks, and Recipes

Macro Adjustments

Goal Setting and Habit Tracking

A Sustainable Journey

At Hales Fit, I want to emphasize that my program is not a quick fix or a fad diet. I give you the tools but you are expected and required to put in the work.

I'm committed to helping you make long-lasting, sustainable changes to your nutrition habits and overall lifestyle. I believe in the power of education, support, and gradual progress. Your health journey begins here, and it's built on a strong foundation of knowledge and dedication. Learning your own body will be the greatest gift you ever give yourself.

Join the Hales Fit community today and unlock your full potential.


It is hard to put into words the impact Haley has made on my life & health. I was on a weight loss journey when I met Haley and decided to step into a gym. I was terrified of the gym because I didn’t feel I belonged in that environment. Haley made me feel comfortable, confident, and gave me the push I needed to continue my health journey. Haley helped me learn that it wasn’t just about weight loss but so much more! Yes, I lost weight (over 100lbs actually) but I gained so much more with her coaching. I gained a passion for working out, better mental health, strength, stamina, and an understanding of how to use food as fuel. Haley cares and she quite literally changed my life. Listen to & trust her guidance and the results will show.

Christy Brewer

Nutrition & Personal Training Client

We both couldn’t be happier that we connected with Haley - to date my husband has lost 26 pounds and I have lost 16, in a 3 month period. We’ve both had a boost in confidence and our energy and this program has given us something to be excited about. It’s even given us a little friendly competition, but has also enhanced the support we share for one another.

I can’t recommend Haley enough to allow one to create a better relationship with their body and lifestyle habits.

Amber & Andrew Johnston

Nutrition Clients

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