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How Macros Change the Game

February 28, 20243 min read

“Everyone will find success with tracking macros if they do it the right way. You have to be patient, trust the process & allow yourself to learn along the way.” - Haley Stegman

Listen. I live, preach, and coach clients on macronutrients & how to properly feed and fuel themselves in a balanced way in order to hit their goals!

It is possible for some folks to take on an obsessive approach to this nutrition method.

So I’d like to explain something: if counting calories is a trigger for you and throws you for a mental spiral in a negative manner, this method may not be for you! Will it or should it work for everyone? Physically, yes. Mentally, no.

My program is not meant to coach people to track calories meticulously & obsessively for the rest of their life. Who tf wants to do that?

In fact, the big takeaways and lessons from learning macronutrients are to show you


1. What differentiates a carb from a protein to a fat source & what foods are made up of each.

2. What ratio of macronutrients YOUR body needs in order to hit your current physique goal(s), regulate digestive health, hormonal balance, blood sugar, & nutrient absorption.

3. What proper portions & serving sizes look like.

Here are some examples of how tracking macros have helped me the last decade:


We all know (I would think lol) where this meal is from. After years of paying attention to food and how & what makes my my body “tick” I can look over the counter at the employee making my Chipotle bowl and eyeball each ingredient.

I know that the girl tonight gave me 1 serving size of rice & roughly 1/4 cup of beans. I asked for double protein (steak is the lowest in calories at Chipotle) & I know the corn scoop is the other carb source. The lettuce and tomato salsa are

both low in calories and if I had to guess, the “light” cheese she sprinkled over was not 28g. (Which is a standard serving size of cheese.)

The guacamole was the other fat source and as she scooped it on I’d bet it was probably about 120g which is equivalent to a large avocado.

I can feel good about this meal because it’s satiating (fills me up) & it’s very well balanced in macronutrients.

After a decade of learning my own body & macronutrients, I can ”diet” myself down to a stage lean weight for a competition fairly quickly because I know what ratios & calories work for me.

I can look at a piece of food and pretty much tell you, to the gram how many carbs, fats or protein it has…it’s kind of freaky.

I can eyeball food now & guesstimate what each meal consists of.

I don’t track all the time. I just started again to get dialed in. But I haven’t since my last competition in June of 2023.

My 1:1 coaching program isn’t meant to throw you into a negative relationship with food. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The nature of this method is to teach you about macros, your body, & allow you to have a healthy relationship with food.

Thanks for reading! Xo

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Haley Stegman

Haley is a certified Sports Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer.

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